What we do

Our goal is to help organisations that specialize in helping South African children with burn injuries.

To assist burn survivors with their psychological support. This will help them discover their full potential, as recovery is a lifelong rehabilitative process.

Bring to South Africa the latest technology and equipment to improve burn injuries.

It is also our goal to raise funds to fulfill their special wishes through the Avela #TogetherToGift project.

“It all started with Avela. A gorgeous, strong little girl who was only 7 months old. Avela arrived at the burn unit where I was volunteering after her home had gone up in flames. She was suffering from severe burn wounds, and had lost her mother in the fire. Her bravery shone through while she endured months of treatment. She recovered from her injuries, and left the hospital to be reunited with her family- taking a piece of my heart along with her. Avela made a huge impact on my life, and all I can hope to do through the Avela Foundation, is help make the same impact on other children who need our collective help. Help to remind them how special they are, and what makes them so incredible.” Cami Palomo, Founder.