Who we are

The Avela Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to help children with burn injuries on their road to physical and psychological recovery. Our foundation was inspired by a brave young girl who showed tremendous courage in the face of adversity.
Children are magnificent, vibrant, and full of life. Sometimes life doesn’t treat them kindly and that’s when we come in – by giving them hope through love and support.

Cami Palomo | Founder / Philanthropist

Cami began volunteering with burn survivors in 2012, for what she thought would be three months only. Six years later, Cami is still there. That’s where she met Avela who inspired the creation of the Avela Foundation.


Roger-Michael Raad | Trustee

Roger-Michael is the Director of Known Design Co. based in Cape Town. He is also passionate about raising awareness for local burn survivors and helping to raise funds for the Avela Foundation to benefit and support the children in need.

Mosidi Modise | Trustee

Mosidi works in the investment management industry, is highly entrepreneurial and passionate about doing good for humanity.

Renette Pretorius | Head of Fundraising

After meeting Cami in 2012, Renette fell in love with the Avela Foundation. She dedicates her time and passion in raising funds for many worthy causes.


Lindiwe Suttle | Ambassador

Singer, songwriter and writer who loves children and has a passion to help create positive change in their lives. She lives between Berlin and Cape Town.

Lizma van Zyl | Media Liaison and PR

Respected journalist, radio presenter and animal lover who also volunteers as an ambassador for the Avela Foundation. Helping to raise awareness.

Natasha Nicolakakis | Ambassador

Natasha works in Venture Capital as Business Development Manager and loves being involved in philanthropy, raising awareness and raising funds.

Brendan Taylor | Ambassador

I am incredibly inspired and truly humbled by the work and passion displayed by the Avela Family and felt I must get involved in something so special.

Avela Champions

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Renette Pretorius

Avela Champion and donated R510

Thank you

Roger-Michael Raad

Avela Champion helped raise over R10 000 and donated R1010

Thank you

Sebastien Baussan

Avela Champion helping to raise funds by challenging friends with his Backabuddy challenge and also donated $30

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Cami Palomo

Avela founder and champion donated R15,800 and is busy recruting more champions for a great cause

Katie Mohlman

Avela champion and adverturer. She jumped from the world’s highest bridge (216m) for Avela and donated R812

Thank you

Teddy Mohlman

Avela champion and loves sailing

He donated R1585 and is busy raising more money

Thank you

Antonio Zaninovic

Avela champion and trustee donated R2050

Thank you

Ale Sol

Avela Champion helping to raise funds by challenging friends with his Backabuddy challenge and also donated $105.00

Thank you

Alexandra M Moriarty

Avela SUPER Champion raising funds with her Backabuddy challenge and also donated R1500 and raised R31,000

Thank you

Adriana Rivera

Avela Champion helping to raise R15,000 by challenging friends with her Backabuddy challenge

Thank you

Carlos Reyes

Avela Champion helping to raise funds by challenging friends with his Backabuddy challenge and also donated R771

Thank you